Paladin™ - The Ultimate Screen Protector

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Paladin™: The world's toughest screen protector.

  • Forged from pure Japanese Asahi Glass, 8x harder than steel
  • Defends against almost any scratch: including keys, knives, power-drills and more
  • Shock-proof: Paladin™ is so strong that it can withstand repeated blows from hammers, bricks, and more.
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Instant, easy installation on virtually any phone (easy to remove, too)
  • Completely invisible (just 0.3 millimeters thick)

"One of my favorite purchases: it's super thin, easy to install (only took me a few seconds), and gives me serious peace of mind." Amy R., TX

Package Includes:

  • (1) Paladin™ Screen Protector - made of 0.3mm thin 9H Japanese Asahi Glass
  • (1) Free Cleaning Kit
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + FREE Worldwide Shipping


Crafted with the latest technology, Paladin uses a new form of Japanese Asahi glass that is literally up to 8X harder than steel. Even at just 0.3mm of thickness, Paladin grants your phone instant invulnerability to scratches, cracks, and drops.

Incredibly high demand - expect 3-5 weeks for arrival after ordering (to be safe). Limit 4 per person.


With every purchase, you make a difference.

We're thrilled to support Iridescent - an amazing charity that donates science equipment to schools.

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