Viento - Wind-Proof Reverse Umbrella

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  • Weather any storm with the fantastic Viento double layer, wind-proof, reverse closing umbrella!
  • Say goodbye to being caught out in a storm, walking the street, or getting out of the car in wild weather, because with the Viento, you're able to close your umbrella inside-out, meaning the stormy wind won't blow out and destroy it, giving you ultimate coverage!
  • Due to the design of the Viento, you can confidently open your umbrella in busy cities as there is no danger of poking someone!
  • Another bonus of the Viento, is that when you close the umbrella, the water is held inside and won't drip wherever you go or leave it!
  • Allow excess water caught in the umbrella by opening and letting dry, but in a safe and mess free way!
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